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The Taylorville City Council will meet this evening at 7 PM at the municipal building. One of the main topics will be a motion to not allow the sale of recreational use cannabis in the city. There will also be a motion to approve the Tornado Siren relocation. Another big topic of discussion will be a motion to approve the increase of Lake Lot Lease Fees of $50 for a total of $550 per season and campground Lease Fees of $70 for a total of $805 per season or $115 per month.


Under committee meetings, in water and environmental, construction payments for the new water treatment plant will be authorized. For the Lake and Airport, real estate lease agreements will be resolved. A motion will be voted on to have someone inspect the cabins for repairs needed and approving applications for boat dock and jet ski lifts. Under ordinance, there will be a motion to amend the city code for no parking signs located in the first three parking spaces of the 100 block of West Franklin Street from 8 AM- 3 PM Monday through Friday, a new stop sign at the intersection of the 800 block of North Silver and Pauline Street, and an increase for the fees for all liquor/gaming license holders to $3,000 per year with the exception of clubs for the May 1, 2020 renewal. There will also be finance motions as well. 


The city will honor retiring Fire Chief Mike Crews and name an acting Fire Chief. The city attorney and mayor will both have updates, and a volunteer of the month will be recognized. 

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