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The Taylorville City Council will hold their first October meeting this evening. There is a lot of business that will be voted on tonight since there was an extra week in September. Among other things, the finance committee will be discussing approval for repairs for the roof and brick seam at the Taylorville Fire House. The Street and Sewer committee will recommend "No Parking" signs put up on the 100 Block of Franklin Street, West of South Main, from the hours of 8-3PM, Monday through Friday in front of the Menta Academy Cornerstone Taylorville School.  The Street and Sewer committee will also recommend a 2-way stop sign be placed at the intersection of North Silver/Pauline.


The sewer projects on Rich Street from Houston to Elevator/Elevator Street from Rich to England and MOrton Street from Adams Street to Vandeveer Street. There will also be discussion on money from some of the other wards going towards it.  Emergency Services will put forth a motion to purchase 32 SCBA Cylinders from MES Municipal Emergency Services. The cylinders help firefighters breathe and are in need of replacement.


Mike Mann Jr. will be sworn in as Superintendent of Street and Sewer and John Blakeman will be sworn in as Human Resource Manager. There will also be motions to accept the resignations for Fire Chief Mike Crews and Ron Nicol,from the Board of Fire and Police Commission. A motion will also be pushed through to accept Robert Besson to the Board of Fire and Police Commission as well. There will be a ordinance authorizing office space lease for the Safe Passage Program and city attorney and Mayoral updates as well. The City Council Meeting will take place at 7 PM at the Municipal Building in Taylorville.

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