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Park District Approves Reseeding Tees For Lakeshore Golf Course

The Taylorville Community Pleasure Driveway and Park District met for their regular board meeting on Monday evening. A motion was approved for Jason Boldig who is in charge of the Lake Shore Gulf Course to reseed some of the tees. Boldig explained that while the course looks the best it has in a while, the tees need some work.



Boldig says the project will be about $2,000 but they already have the money approved in the budget committee.  The motion was unanimous for approval. Gary Brown says that they are meeting with the Little League President to try and figure out ways to fix some of the baseball field issues that have been plaguing the field.  Work on the south pond at Manners Park is progressing albeit slowly.  They are still waiting for the pond to dry up a little more. Recreational Director, Bailey Hancock announced some of the activities that will be coming up soon including Christmas in the Park.


The next Park District meeting takes place on October 28th.

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