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Taylorville School Board Meets; Discusses Stonington Park District

The Taylorville School Board met this evening and discussed personnel moves, Stonington Park District, and some needs for the school. Some announcements from President of the Board Stephen Turner included cleaning up mold from one of the junior high rooms that will be used by the children in case of inclement weather.  This has already been done. A new oven and room heaters for the junior high as well will need to be ordered. There is also discussion about possibly adding more bleachers to the football field as well.  The big new business is Stonington Park District. President Turner presented the options with option A being that the land would be split from the building and option B which was a little more favorable to the board and that would be for the board to extend the closing date but they would take over in paying for the utilities.



The Board agreed with option B with the caveat that when they delivered this option to the Park District, that they inform the Stonington Library that they have 6 months to vacate. In the end, the School Board went with option B with modifications. Turner wanted to make sure everyone was on page with what they were doing.



Board member David Driskell wanted to make sure everyone was aware; the School Board is not trying to get rid of the library.



Superintendent Dr. Chris Dougherty is happy with how the new school year is going and is excited about how things are in Taylorville. The next regular school board meeting will be held on October 14th.

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