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A new database is being put together by the Taylorville Police Department.  This database is to help officers and other Emergency Services help a person who may be dealing with special needs.  Taylorville Police Department Officer Kirsten Bolinger explains why this database is so important.



Officer Bolinger has been working on this since she put in a nearly 40-hour course to help people in crisis whether it’s mental illness or autism, or anything similar. Bolinger says one of the reasons why this database is so important is because each person is different and some situations need to be handled differently.



Officer Bolinger says that when you give the police station information on your loved one, you’re not just helping the police station, you’re helping fire and EMS as well.


Officer Bolinger reminds everyone that this is strictly voluntary. This isn’t something you have to do, it’s just a way to help the community. Taylorville Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler is working on the website to get a form put together for the database. It should be online this week. If anyone has concerns or questions contact Officer Bolinger or Chief Wheeler.

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