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A Taylorville man was sentenced to 12 years in custody today from Judge Brad T. Paisley. Brandon Emery was sentenced today in 17CF227 to 5 years and 18CF241 and 18CF242 receiving 7 years along with 2 years of court supervision. Emery was charged with burglary, resisting arrest, and two counts of aggravated battery. Emery could have received 13 years maximum but was sentenced to 12. The case stems from September 20th, 2018 when Brandon Emery attacked Officer Wesley Withrow by slapping him in his patrol vehicle.


The incident started when a cab driver called the Taylorville Police Department saying that Emery was hitting his mirror. When Withrow arrived at the scene he then stated that Emery charged him in his police vehicle and struck both him and later on Officer Nathan Thompson, hitting Thompson’s jaw before he was subdued. Emery also broke into the courthouse and State Attorney Mike Havera, said in his closing arguments that if Emery would be brazen enough to break into the courthouse, what would stop him from breaking into another Christian County home. Public Defender Michael Drake asked for 8-9 years stating that most of the cases that had been presented and talked about had been dismissed and that Emery had very little recollection of the incident and needed treatment more than punishment. Emery made a final statement after all witnesses were called and final arguments were made.  


In his statement, Emery said that he wanted to apologize to everyone, that his words of being a “risk-taker” were taken out of context, and that he was a risk-taker but not in a negative manner.  He also asked for treatment and said drugs hurt him and took him away from his family.  Emery also said that he loved his children and family before breaking down in tears. When given his sentencing Judge Paisley said he wanted to make sure everyone knew that attacking police officers was simply unacceptable. State Attorney Mike Havera agreed and reiterated it to Regional Radio News.



Havera says he is happy with the ruling today.



Emery has already served 381 days in the correctional center and has the potential to be out in 5 years on good behavior. 

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