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The Taylorville City Council met on Monday evening to discuss ordinances and hear on issues affecting the community. One of the main topics of discussion on Monday evening was the motor fuel tax. The city had been audited for their motor fuel tax use and found that they had been using the funds incorrectly.   Due to this, the City of Taylorville has to pay back some of that money. Thanks to assistance from District 6 Local Roads,  the city will not have to pay back most of it.  The total that could have been due was from a compiled 3 years from 2014-2016. The years of 2017 and 2018 are still in review.  Alderman Larry Budd says that moving forward all procedures have been modified to utilize only materials and specific street improvement projects for Motor Fuel Tax Funds.


The original amount was around $921,000. IDOT who did the audit is satisfied that this is taken care of. Alderman Budd says this has been fixed to prevent issues like this from happening in the future.


In other actions in the city council meeting, the city approved the sale of liquor at places such as convenience stores, grocery stores, and golf clubs on Sunday mornings from 6 AM to Noon. The fees for impounding a vehicle if the city does it will be set for $500 plus any fees associated with towing and storage of vehicles. Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry also talked about the improvements that he has seen from how much the city has improved from the December 1st tornado.



The city also approved a K9 unit can take their patrol vehicle to their house so they’re ready in case of an emergency. The city also honored Police Officers Alwerdt, Fox, Mense, and Ponzel for their hard work in July. Brian Skenkla, Taylorville bowler, was also honored as Mayor Barry announced August 5th as Brian Skenkla Day.




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