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Taylorville Holds Question/Answer Session At Town Hall Meeting


The city of Taylorville held a town hall meeting Tuesday evening to address any concerns that citizens might have in an open forum. Fire Chief Mike Crews addressed the room and said that they are a busy station that takes nearly 1700 calls a year but they appreciate the support they get from the city.


Crews also went on to say that planning helps the city and helped the city, especially during the tornado.


Mayor Bruce Barry opened up the floor for questions and some of the issues that were discussed were flooding issues in different spots of the city especially on Poplar, while Mayor Barry said he is aware of them and they are being handled. Chief Dwayne Wheeler spoke out on active shooters and stated that if there are any festivals, the Taylorville Police Department, along with Christian County and the Illinois State Police will be prepared. The other big topic was safety with parking and driving during drop off and pick up hours at school.  Mayor Barry and Superintendent Dr. Chris Dougherty assured the audience that these issues were being addressed. Mayor Barry told Regional Radio that he plans on holding this meeting again at a later date.

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