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Taylorville Drivers To Race Wednesday Evening

Tim Bedinger races in a Taylorville Race from 2018.


With racing coming to Taylorville on Wednesday, some local drivers are using this as a chance to have “home field advantage.”  Scott Landers, a Taylorville native, leads the point list for the sportsman class.  Tim Bedinger, also from Taylorville was last year’s point champion and both drivers figure to be the front runners for Wednesday night’s race at the Christian County Fairgrounds. Bedinger says that winning in front of the hometown crowd means a lot because often his family can’t make it out to Macon. Other racers from Taylorville that will be competing in the Sportsman class include Mitch Ringler, Stefan Bedinger, Brad Bedinger, Conor Klay and Ty Nation. In the Hornet’s class, which is the slowest racers of the night, Michael Abbott will be racing.  The Taylorville native is tenth in the Macon Speedway standings.  For more information on the races visit www.trackenterprises.com or www.christiancountyfair.com.  

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