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Taylorville Park District Discusses Liquor At Golf Course On Sunday Morning, Speeding Through Manner's Park


The Taylorville Park District met Monday evening and focused on an issue that is being talked about not just in the Park but in Taylorville as a whole.  Jason Boldig, who is the general manager for the Lake Shore Golf Course in Taylorville asked the board to consider a motion to approve liquor sales for Sunday Morning.   Boldig says liquor sales would help business especially when other cities are already selling liquor on Sunday mornings.



This is an issue that is also being discussed in City Council, as the Council board would have to approve it. Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry says that at the last ordinance committee it was voted to go to the City Council to vote on it for final approval.  One of the underlying concerns is taverns being open on Sunday mornings, but an ordinance would be passed to make places like convenience stores and grocery stores able to sell on Sunday Mornings and not taverns or bars.



The motion was approved, pending approval at City Council.  Security Cameras for the Playground was also discussed including adding some cameras that cover the concession stand area.  Bailey Hancock says that things are going well with the pool but due to kids going back to school, the pool will most likely be closing for the season around August 9th.  A discussion took place about ways to figure out how to get people to slow down through the park district. A management agreement vote was approved between the Taylorville Park District and J & D Golf Management.  The next Park Board meeting will be held on August 26th.  

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