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Case Moves Forward On Alleged Child Pornography Charges

After listening to testimony for an hour, Judge Chris Matoush ruled that there was probable cause in a preliminary hearing for Todd England. England is being charged with 12 counts of child pornography after a peer 2 peer server pinged the Naperville Computer crime department. A Taylorville Police Officer took the stand. The officer says the Attorney General’s office has been combing through the evidence to see if there is anything more on the hard drives and computers as there are thousands of files to go through. England’s defense attorney, Tom Finks pushed for finding out whether or not the files could have just shown up accidentally or if there was any indication that the defendant knew who the pictures were. The officer also says this was something that was searched for. After listening to the testimony Judge Matoush ruled that there was probable cause and said the case could continue.  Formal arraignment was waived, Finks said his client is pleading not guilty and demanded a trial by jury. Pretrial is set for August 20th.

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