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Phone Scams Hit Christian County

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office is warning of phone scams in the area.  The scammers are using software to change their calls to appear as if they are from a law enforcement agency and saying they are from the Christian County Sheriff’s office phone number. The scammer claims that you have violated the law by missing a call for federal grand jury. The scammer will then threaten a warrant will be issued for your arrest, but if you pay the fine over the phone, you will have the warrant removed.


The Christian County Sheriff’s office can not remove a warrant, only a judge can withdraw a warrant.  The Sheriff’s office will not request any credit card information over the phone.  If you receive a call that doesn’t seem legit, ask for the caller’s name and then tell them you will call them back.  Hang up the phone and check to make sure it’s a legit phone number.  Don’t call the number the scammer gives you, call the actual published phone number. 

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