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Amish Case Heard In Moultrie County

A custody battle has made its way to Moultrie County and it’s not what you think.  After dozens of women came forward alleging abuse from a local Amish man in Arthur, Illinois, a court battle has broken out over who will take custody of the rights of a 90 year old bedridden woman.  A custody hearing was held on Friday to determine the future of Nettie Yoder.  Yoder’s son is the heir to the family business and finances and according to Amish Law is the guardian of his mother.  Normally, these cases are resolved in the Amish community, but Torah Bontrager, the founder and executive director of the Amish Heritage Foundation, explains why this is such a unique case.



The courts decided in favor of Doris  Gingerich but that hasn’t stopped the Amish community from speaking out about this case and the church rules.


Dozens of other women have come forward to say that they have been abused in the community as well and to speak out as there was quite a large gathering at the Court House in Moultrie County on Friday. The counter-litigant, Daniel Ray Otto’s attorney could not be reached for comment at this time.  

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