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Wind Farm Discussion Goes Back To Committee

The Christian County Board met at 6:30 Tuesday evening to discuss wind farms, adding Assumption to the Taylorville-Christian County Enterprise Zone, and other business.  Wind farms continued to be the main topic. Chairwoman Becky Edwards had a stern message for the board.



During the ongoing discussion, multiple points were brought up and discussed.  Matt Wells made the point that there seemed to be protection for houses but not roads. Wells was also concerned about ice on the wind towers. Craig Corzine said that the board needs to make sure they are doing whats best for the constituents and not for themselves. The final decision was to send it back to committee where the discussion will continue. 


An ordinance was also adopted to amend the Taylorville-Christian County Enterprise Zone to include the City of Assumption. Becky Edwards says that this is a move that will help the entire County.



The decision to get a new computer for the Chairman’s office was tabled. The Mayor of Palmer, Jim Hill, was on hand to let the board know about some residents of Palmer that were having water issues and were having to use a bucket for their bathroom. The committee discussed the issue.  The meeting was than adjourned until Tuesday July 16th for the next regular meeting.


For the full meeting: https://youtu.be/JLOq-B7Dzto

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