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Cowden-Herrick Board of Education June Meeting

The Board of Education Meeting of Cowden-Herrick for District 3-A met on Thursday evening. After May minutes, treasurers report, and general orders were approved, Mr. Wojick gave a report on the Agriculture program.  


Consuela Lorton was sworn into office as a new board member.  Budget projections were discussed.  It was announced that LED lighting had been installed at the Herrick building and wireless fiber has been run to both buildings.  The consolidated District Plan was approved. 


A change to the student handbooks for the following school year was approved.  A bid from Dave Roepke Painting was approved to paint the Herrick Elementary gym.  Bidding on the Herrick storage shed re-roofing was tabled.  


A motion was made to fix the Cowden campus front drive with asphalt, High School parking lot with oil and chip, asphalt the two playgrounds at the Herrick campus and oil and chip the front Herrick parking lot pending drainage solution. 


A memorandum of understanding for an extended contract for the agriculture teacher position was passed.  A contract was approved for Psychologist Kendra Brading beginning next school year. The meeting was adjourned at 10PM