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Christian County Holds Mitigation Committee Meeting

Christian County had their first meeting today to update its plan to reduce damages caused by natural hazards Tuesday Afternoon.  The committee met at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital Auditorium to put together a new plan for the first time in 10 years.  Christian County EMA Director Mike Crews talked about how much has changed in the way we look at natural disasters.  In 2010 winter storms were considered the highest threat. This plan is called a Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Mitigation is a sustained action that reduces or eliminates long term risk to people and property from natural and man-made hazards and their impacts.  The purpose of the committee is to update the plan to incorporate new participants and hazard data, identify new activities and projects that Christian County can pursue to protect lives and property before a natural or man-made hazard occurs and encourage adoption of the updated All Hazards Mitigation Plan by the County and participating municipalities.  Andrea Bostwick is the Risk Assessor and Plan Preparation Supervisor for American Environmental.  She says that mitigation includes everyone and everyone should feel free to be involved.



The original plan had goals that were set up to maximize the effectiveness of the plan.  These goals were: Lessen the impacts of hazards on new and existing infrastructure, create new or revise existing plans/maps for the community, and develop long-term strategies to educate community residents on the hazards affecting their county.  Andrea Bostwick says all are invited to attend the public meetings and that the public being involved is important.



For more information on the mitigation plan and the committee meetings, contact Mike Crews, Christian County Emergency Management Agency Manager at 217-824-5421.

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