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Bourne Has Mixed Feelings About Spring Session

The 2019 Spring Session in Illinois is officially over, representatives from around the state will reconvene in the fall after a busy end to the spring.


Avery Bourne represents the 95th District of Illinois in the House of Representatives. When she reflects on the Spring Sessions she admits the feeling of disappointment, saying that for nearly 5 months nothing was getting accomplished then it seemed to rush the last two days to get everything pushed through.



The Abortion Bill recently passes is one that Bourne has not shied away from in terms of her opposition, she is unappreciative of the fact that it seems as though the state of Illinois is trying to advertise itself as an abortion haven.



Bourne acknowledges that at the end of the day she feels like with this bill she has been left with more questions than answers.



Bourne appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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