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The County Board met Wednesday Evening at 6PM for about 3 hours to discuss possible adjustments to County ordinances concerning wind farms.  The meeting opened with comments from the companies trying to bring wind energy into Christian County.  The Committee of the Whole meeting was held at the Christian County Courthouse in one of the courtrooms. These companies included Ivenergy and Trade Wind Energy.  Speaking for Trade Wind Energy was Jeff Hammond, Senior Development Manager for Trade Wind Energy.  Hammond touched on a lot of the issues that he felt were affecting the community and how wind energy would help.  He touched on what he saw as a lot of stereotypes but not a whole lot of substance and not a whole lot of backing from studies. Hammond talked about birds, bats, environmental studies, Tax incentives, and how wind price has dropped dramatically.



Some council members were to quick to point out, that just cause wind is cheaper, it doesn’t stop other fees from being added on to it. After the companies spoke, it was members of the audience, and community members who were allowed to take the floor.  A gentlemen sponsoring the Labor Union spoke about bringing over 800 jobs into the community.  There was also plenty of people opposed to the new wind turbines.  Rachel Vanderberg pointed out that the companies are aware of negative effects, and that the company is doing everything in their power to point out research that will only support their cause.


Other concerns including wind turbines and their effect on television, cell phones, and most importantly radar.  It was pointed out that the night of the December 1st tornado, that some of the storms were lost due to the wind turbines.  No ruling has been made as of yet, and the County Board will still have some major decisions to make on the future of wind farms in Christian County.


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