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Illinois State Representative Avery Bourne (95th district) and State Representative Brad Halbrook (102nd District) voted Memorial Day against Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 1 (SJRCA1).   SJRCA1 would be a constitutional amendment that would repeal the provision in Illinois Constitution that states there must be a flat income tax structure.  If this would change, it would allow lawmakers to levy income taxes at a graduated rate.  Supporters of the bill say that this will raise state income tax revenue by billions of dollars a year.  Bourne, a Republican from Raymond, doesn’t agree and says that this will hurt everyone not just the rich.  



State Representative Brad Halbrook, a Republican from Shelbyville,  says that we have to stop the spending and do more to keep people from leaving Illinois.



The graduated income tax amendment SJRCA1, passed on Memorial Day with a partisan vote of 73-44. Since Governor J.B. Pritzker has unveiled his graduated income tax proposal in March, Senate Democrats have changed the income tax rates, with the number of taxpayers who would see a tax increase going up.  The Illinois House has yet to vote on graduated income tax rates. The bill cleared both the House and the Senate and will appear on the 2020 ballot.  If 60% or more of voters approve the referendum, the Constitution will be amended.

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