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Christian County Board Meeting Held Tuesday Evening

The Christian County Board held a public meeting in the Christian County Courthouse on the second floor Tuesday evening.   First up on the agenda Chairman of the Board Becky T. Edwards recogonized EMA Director Mike Crews for the wonderful job he and his crew did.  During the reviews of the committee meetings, It was reported that the fountain will be scheduled to be open prior to Memorial Day.  Also that the evening downtown crowd is causing damage to the downtown area, and a larger police presence is asked for.  The feral cat project has been a success so far as four of five cats that were captured were healthy and were spayed or neutered and released.  The Assumption Bridge project is progressing.  The committee of the whole meeting is set for 6PM Wednesday, May 29th to discuss wind turbines.  Companies as well as public will be heard.  There was discussion over how long speakers got to talk. Chairman Edwards was very adamant that time for speaking will be regulated.  



A liquor license was approved for Phil Corzine and his wife for their business in Assumption. The Tornado Grant Application was approved and will be signed tomorrow.  Pana has acquired a property for cleanup as well.  The next Christian County Board Meeting will be held Tuesday June 18th at 6:30.


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