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Department Of Revenue Assesses Christian County Property Tax

The Illinois Department of Revenue has issued a property assessment equalization factor for Christian County of 1.0.   This equalization factor is often called a multiplier and it helps to achieve uniform property assessments among counties based on a law that was passed in 1975.  The assessed value of an individual property determines what portion of the tax burden a specific taxpayer will pay.  Terry Horstman, Communications Director for the Department of Revenue, says that this is an assessment that takes the last three years and averages them out.

Horstman says that this multiplier helps even out the playing field when it comes to property taxes and without it there would be severe differences in taxes in property even property that is very similar.


The multiplier does not affect businesses or farmland.  Farmland property is assessed differently, with houses being done to regular standards but farmland only at one third of its agricultural value.  Having a lower or higher value does not mean your property tax bills will increase or decrease.  That is determined by local taxes.


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