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Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp and the Sheriff’s Association along with the Chiefs of Police are very concerned over the pending legalization of marijuana put forward in the State of Illinois and Sheriff Kettelkamp is urging citizens to contact Senator Andy Manar and let him know that the proposal for the legalization of marijuana is a very bad idea and that it is creating a public risk and putting at jeopardy the safety of the citizens of Christian County and the state.



Sheriff Kettelkamp is also concerned with the home grown part of the law which would allow citizens to grow up to five plants in their yard.  Kettelkamp says that he’s worried about the drug cartel coming in and buying up the houses and selling on the black market cheaper than at the commercial places.



Sheriff Kettelkamp says that while Representative Avery Bourne is against the bill, he doesn’t believe Senator Andy Manar is, and he hopes that everyone contacts Senator Manar to tell him to vote against it.  Legislation for the marijuana bill is being proposed now in Springfield and with the session looking to adjourn on May 31st, there would need to be a vote on it soon.

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