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The Taylorville Board of Education had their regular meeting Monday night.  Many motions were approved including Treasurer’s report, where Taylorville District Superintendent, Dr. Furstenau was pleased with the balanced budget.  New Business that was heard and approved included a NPT Special Education Cooperative, Consideration of THS 2019-2020 Handbook changes, and consideration of Disciplinary committee’s 2019-2020 Discipline Code Changes.  Among the changes was Chromebook policy usage, vapes to be a suspendable offense since they deal with tobacco, and grad requirements the same up to 2023.  A excited Dr. Furstenau announced that the contract was approved for the TEA contract for 4 years, giving peace of mind to Teachers who would be seeing an increase in pay.  The Durham Bus Service Contract was approved with an 8% increase, mainly due to Illinois’ $15 per hour pay requirements.  A list of seniors was approved for graduation.  Dr. Furstenau remarked how his first class that graduated Kindergarten would be his last Graduation class.  Dr. Furstenau also remarked on how successful the Spring Music Festival was.  Tracie Boehme, who is a elementary art teacher for North School and Elementary School talked about how important music and art were especially at the lower levels and asked the Board of Education to please consider art and music as their space is very limited.



The Board closed with a Superintendent report from Dr. Furstenau, followed by a closed session for the board to discuss candidates for the superintendent position.


Teachers Smile as the TEA Contract was approved for the next four years.  Picture: Regional Radio News

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