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Taylorville City Council Table Proposed Ambulance Ordinance

An ordinance to insure that the City of Taylorville is covered with 3 fully staffed ambulances 24-7 once again was tabled by the City Council Monday night, after some of its provisions were questioned by the owners of the remaining local ambulance service.






















Paula Dunn, co-owner of Dunn's Ambulance Service, was accompanied by several of her employees.  She inquired about the way the proposed ordinance was written in the area of how many ambulances any ambulance service would have to provide, how much information any ambulance service could legally provide the City, and whether an ambulance company's employees could be held liable in case the City would cite the company they were working for.



Chairperson of the City Council's Emergency Services Committee, Ernie Dorchinez, told Regional Radio News after the meeting, that the intent is to make sure that no matter how many ambulance companies operate in the city, that between those companies there are 3 fully staffed ambulances 24-7 serving Taylorville.



After a lengthy discussion, the Taylorville City Council unanimously voted to table the ordinance for further review.


One other contentious issue died for the lack of a second.  The Council's Personnel Committee voted 4 to nothing, to recommend to the full City Council, that the City advertise to fill a vacant full-time municipal building laborer position.  But, the motion was brought to the full Council and died for the lack of a second.  Personnel Committee Chair Martin Vota told the Council that they could expect a possible greivance to be filed by the union as a result of the Council's lack of action Monday night.

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