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Taylorville Police Chief Visits Hickory Estates, Warns of Scammers

Last week, Taylorville Police Chief Brian Hile met with residents of Hickory Estates to discuss common scams. Many scammers target senior citizens, but almost everyone is affected the random number calls dialed every day, which is what Hile discussed. He said that the conversation at Hickory Estates was refreshing because those in attendance were very engaged with what was being said.



Hile says the best advice that he can share regarding the scam callers is to just ignore the number. If they call is important, they will leave a message.



However, Hile says that he is beginning to see an awareness grow of scams, and how to handle them.



Hile also reminds the public of the old adage that if its too good to be true, it isn't.

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