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The second in the series of special programs called "A Season of Hope" with information on recovery and relief efforts after the December First tornado hit Taylorville, was heard on Friday on all 6 Miller Media Group radio stations.


The program featured 3 guests in this week's installment.


The first was co-executive director of the Taylorville Food Pantry Amy Hagen, who said she and co-executive director Pam Moses were listening to the coverage on the Miller Media Group stations the night the tornado hit, and they quickly made the decision to open the Food Pantry the next day.



The 2nd was co-executive director of the Food Pantry Pam Moses, who shared that she expects the need for food to those affected, for months to come.



The third guest on Friday's special tornado recovery program was Jody Rusher, outreach coordinator for the local C-E-F-S Economic Opportunity office in Taylorville, that is now the central location to direct people to relief agencies or for volunteers to call to help.  Rusher shared why the county asked them to be the go-to agency and phone number for those affected by the tornado, as well as volunteers wanting to help, to call.



The program can be heard in its entirety, on the "Tornado Recovery Assistance" page of taylorvilledailynews-dot-com.


The third and final installment of the program "A Season of Hope" will be presented on the 6 Miller Media Group radio stations next Friday, December 21st from 3 to 4 in the afternoon.


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