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The Christian County Emergency Management Agency early this evening released the damage assessment report from Saturday's tornado in Taylorville.


E-M-A says of the 301 total structures assessed, of those 53 recieved major damage, 29 were destroyed, and 219 were damaged but inhabitable which is 99% complete.


Taylorville Police Department and Christian County Sheriff’s Office have implemented a 9:00 PM curfew for areas affected by the Tornado. Violators are subject to arrest or fines. There is also no burning allowed to get rid of debris. 

Food safety information is available from the Christian County Health Department.


Ameren has reported that they are expecting all but 300 residnets to have power restored by midnight.


At approximately 5:15 last evening the City of Taylorville and surrounding areas were impacted by tornadic winds. Many residences were impacted and people sustained injuries.


If residents find that there is a power line down or if they suspect a gas leak, they should contact Christian County 911 immediately and they should not try to correct or mitigate the hazard on their own.


The City of Taylorville was broken down into two geographical areas that were being checked throughout the night for people that may be trapped in residences and any secondary hazards such as downed power lines or gas leaks.


Residents will be given information later on what to do with their debris in a later press briefing. Citizens may begin clearing debris if they are physically capable of doing so. Debris should be segregated into woody debris and construction and demolition debris. The woody debris will be collected first and it should be moved to curbside so responders can begin the process of removing debris.


Residents should be cautions of contractors that offer services for debris removal or home clean-up and restoration. The contractor must be approved through the City of Taylorville before they will be allowed to work in the effected areas.

If residents are without power and they can seek temporary shelter with relatives or friends they are encouraged to do so. Residents will be given information on what to do with their debris in a later press briefing.


Ameren resources are reporting several downed power poles in the Taylorville area that have been destroyed and they are mobilizing resources to begin restoration efforts.


Taylorville Memorial Hospital reported that 21 patients were treated for storm related injuries. 3 patients were transferred to other hospitals and one of the patients was critically injured.


All of Taylorville Public Schools will be closed on Monday due to storm damage as will Visionway Schools.


Please stay tuned to the Miller Media Group radio stations and on-line at taylorvilledailynews.com for continued coverage of the tornado aftermath.

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