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Strasburg Community Action Network Hosting 11th Santa Brigade Breakfast & Market

The 11th annual Santa Brigade Breakfast and Market in Strasburg is coming up November 10th, and it is hosted by the Strasburg Community Action Network. Justin Krile is a part of the breakfast, and says that attendance has fluctuated every year, but they always get a good showing.



Typically, Krile says that the breakfast will go through 200 pounds off sausage. Because of the large amount of sausage sold, preparation can start as early as 1 in the morning.



There is also a Christmas Market included with the breakfast to help people get an early jump start on the holiday season. More importantly however, it helps fund raise for the Strasburg Community Action Network.



Angie Edwards with the Strasburg Community Action Network on what the money raised goes towards.



The breakfast runs from 6 to 11 in the morning at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

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