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Emergency Equipment on Display at TPD Thursday Morning

On October 25th, a crowd gathered as emergency vehicles, and equipment were parked outside of the Taylorville Police Department. It was a showcase of emergency equipment that would be available to the Taylorville Police Department in case there every was an emergency situation, or threat. Phil McCarty was displaying a radio tower that is used to help multiple units communicate with one another.



There was also a hazardous device unit on display. It is essentially a large truck used specifically for situations involving potential bomb threats. Ron Lewis from the Illinois Secretary State Police explains more.



Lewis mentioned a robot, and he was not kidding. The truck comes complete with a robot that can assist in disposal, or inspection of bombs.



Tom Chi was showing off the mobile operations center from springfield, and it has all sorts of technology inside to assist with multiple departments.



All of this equipment was on display outside of the Taylorville Police Department Thursday morning, October 25th.

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