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Taylorville School Board to Hold Public Forum Regarding Stonington

The Taylorville Board of Education met on Tuesday night to discuss topics and issues revolving around the Taylorville School District. First off, Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau explained the $50,000 grant that the school district has been awarded to help students with their mental health at Taylorville High School. After that, Principal Matt Hutchinson spoke about Taylorville High School’s successful Career Day, and College Night last week. Also, in conjunction with Lincoln Land Community College, Taylorville High School will be able to add 5 more dual credit courses related to agriculture. Next up on Tuesday’s agenda was the presentation of the Fiscal Year School District Audit given by Adam Mathias. The audit revealed that the district saw an increase in revenue of $2.3 million, and an increase in expenditures of $1.3 million. Overall the district had a net income just over $700,000. The motion to accept the report cleared unanimously. Following that was the building committee report given by Stephen Turner. The report revolved around current, and projected enrollment numbers, and its impact on the Stonington building. In the building committee’s findings, they found that they currently have too many classrooms, and not enough students to fill all those classrooms. The final breakdown is that it would cost less, and save the district money if the board decides to close Stonington. Fuerstenau spoke more on what is next for Stonington, and the upcoming public forum regarding the building. 



After that the committee went in to a closed session discussing the appointment, employment, and dismissal of employees of the public body or legal counsel of the public body. Following that was the superintendent report, and then adjournment. 


The Taylorville School Board meets on the second Monday of every month.


You can watch the full School Board Meeting here.

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