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The 2018 Chamber Chillifest Brought in Cooks From Across the Country

Chillifest was this last weekend on the Taylorville square, and it brought in chili cooks from all across the country to compete in this years cook off. Each cook has a different story as to why they began cooking chili, and where they come from, but they all come together for a good weekend of fun on the Taylorville Square. Jim Weller is from Illinois, and he has been cooking chili since 1983, and it all started because a friend entered him in a contest.



Weller has seen success cooking chili at the world competition, and so has his wife. He also cooked two different types of chili this time around at Chillifest including the new home style category.



Two cooks from California made their way to Taylorville for Chillifest over the weekend as well. Ken and Chuck were the two cooks from the west coast, and Ken shared that they wanted to come out and learn some of the styles of how chili is cooked in the mid-west.



His partner Chuck was crowned a world champion back in 2016, and he talked about some of the differences he noticed in mid-west chili compared to what he normally cooks on the West Coast.



The 2018 Chamber Chillifest was this past weekend on the Taylorville Square.

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