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Last night, the City Council of Taylorville held their second meeting of the month at the Municipal Building. Multiple ordinances were voted on and passed including an ordinance to sell personal property owned by the city, 17 ICOM radios. Also the Halloween trick-or-treating hours were amended. What generated the most discussion however, was a motion to direct the City Attorney to prepare an Ordinance to amend 3-3-5 of the Taylorville City Code to create a Class M Liquor License for “convenience stores” that also permits video gaming. This issue divided the council, and the vote was tied 4-4 until Mayor Bruce Barry voted in favor to carry the motion. Barry further explained his decision.



Some members of the council who were not in favor asked the question, “when is enough, enough?” Barry says let free enterprise decide when enough is enough.



After that motion carried, the council approved motions in each committee, and the meeting was adjourned. After adjournment, the council went into a closed session. The Taylorville City Council meets on the first and second Monday of every month.


You can view Monday's full city council meeting here.

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