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The Christian County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a two car crash that occurred on July 26th at 4:40 in the afternoon. Megan Sisk, 24, of Nokomis was traveling southbound on 2300 East Road, and Shelley Graves, 46, of Taylorville was traveling west on 900 North road. The two vehicles came to an intersection that is not marked with any traffic control device, and there is high corn on the north side of 900 North Road blocking vision. Neither vehicle stopped at the intersection causing a crash to take place, and both vehicles wound up resting in a bean field on the south west corner of the intersection. Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp on the crash.


Graves, and passenger Courtney Fuerstenau were airlifted to a hospital in Springfield, and Sisk was sent to a hospital in Springfield by ambulance.


The crash is still under investigation by the Christian County Sheriff’s Office. Sherriff Kettelkamp wants to remind everyone when traveling on country roadways when there is no traffic control devices and high corn everyone should stop before entering the intersection.


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