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The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chilllifest Committee held their monthly meeting Monday night in the Chamber board room on the second floor of the U-S Bank building, to continue its work towards the 33rd Annual Chamber Chillifest October 6th and 7th on the Taylorville square.

Chillifest Chairperson Greg Hornbuckle told Regional Radio News after the meeting, that some new committee members have brought new ideas to this year's event.

Hornbuckle added the there will be some tweeks in the annual Pageants, in the International Chilli Society chilli cookoffs, and more.

And, Hornbuckle says that while Chillifest is the Chamber's biggest fund-raiser, the festival involves the whole community.

Get the latest information on the Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest at the event's web site, chillifest-dot-info, that's chillifest with 2-L's.

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