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Baseball Fields, Pool on Park District Agenda

Tuesday night the Taylorville Community Pleasure Driveway and Park District Board held their monthly meeting and discussed several topics including the annual audit report, the state of the baseball fields in Manner Park and summer recreation plans.


One topic board members heard from constituents on was the condition of the baseball fields in Manner Park, specifically relating to the condition of the mound. The board seeked input from the Park Maintenance Superintendent, who detailed the challenges of building the mound for different age groups, which pitch from different distances. The board invited any concerned parties to come to their next meeting.



Another topic of discussion was the opening of the Manners Park Pool. The pool which had its opening day on Saturday and is seeing records crowd, leaving the board to speculate this could be a record breaking year for the pool if the weather stays hot.

The Park District Board meets once a month, on the fourth Monday of each month at the Manners Park Office Board Room. The next meeting is on June 25th and the public is welcome.

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