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Christian County Joins Growing List of Counties to Declare Themselves as "Sanctuary County" for Gun Owners


Christian County has joined the growing list of counties to declare themselves as a “Sanctuary County” for gun owners in Illinois. The resolution passed unanimously at Tuesday night’s county board meeting.


Vicki McMahon is a second district county board member and the chair of the Christian County NRA. She says the state of Illinois is infringing on citizens’ constitutional rights.



McMahon says she hopes the growing list of counties passing this type of resolution is sending a loud and clear message lawmakers to Springfield.



Also at Tuesday’s meeting, Christian County resident Vince Harris was hired as the county’s Animal Control and Zoning Director, and a company was selected to help the county build a new, updated website. The board will reconvene on Tuesday, June 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Christian County Courthouse.

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