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Windsor School Board to Discuss Adding School Resource Officer at Wednesday's Board Meeting

The Windsor School District is considering adding a School Resource Officer in their district for the coming school year. The officer would be a Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy that would be split between multiple participating school districts across the county.


Windsor Schools Superintendent Erik Van Hoveln says the conversation started at a recent meeting of Shelby County school leaders and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. He says the topic came up because of recent school shootings across the country.


Van Hoveln says having a police officer in the building would be a positive for the kids because it would give them someone to talk to. He says the officer can educate the kids on safety and the officer’s presence can provide a sense of security for everyone in the building.


The discussions are in their preliminary phases, and Van Hoveln says there may not be any decision made at Wednesday night’s school board meeting. But, he says the topic will be brought up to see if board members would be willing to make the kind of financial commitment needed for a School Resource Officer.

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