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Father retires from police force, same week son joins dept.

As one man begins his career as a Kankakee (KANK-kuh-KEE) partolman, his father retires from the same department after serving for several decades. 26 year-old Benjamin Garcia was sworn-in as a Kankakee police officer this week. At the same time, his father, Aurelio Garcia, was recognized for serving 26 years with the force. And before coming to Kankakee, Aurelio worked as an officer for 14 years in nearby St. Anne, meaning he's been a police officer for 40 years. Interim Kankakee Police Chief Price Dumas (Do-MAS) says that's a feat that's rarely seen.
Aurelio retired May 4th. His son, Ben, started on the job May 1st.

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