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How Are Local School Districts Using Their New State Funding Dollars? Part 3

New state dollars from school funding reform are starting to trickle down to local school districts. Now, those districts are deciding how that money can be best used for their students.


The Hillsboro School District is receiving almost $176-thousand in new state aid under the school funding reform law. Hillsboro Schools Superintendent David Powell says his district has been hit hard by state cuts, and he hopes that lawmakers continue to follow through with their reform plan.



The Pana School District is receiving more new state aid than any other school district in Christian, Shelby or Montgomery County. Pana Schools are receiving over $427-thousand in new funding this school year. Pana Superintendent Jason Bauer says the first purchase his district will be making is a new elementary level reading series.



Bauer says the budgeting process going forward becomes much easier knowing how much the district will receive in state aid.



The Hillsboro School District came into the school year at 64 percent adequacy in terms of state funding, while Pana was at 60 percent funding adequacy.

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