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In a short but historic meeting Monday night, the Taylorville City Council, in a series of votes, unanimously passed ordinances creating a new Tax Increment Financing, or TIF District.  The vote was 6 to nothing with Mayor Bruce Barry also voting yes.  Aldermen Lee Lanzotti, Ernie Dorchinez, and Shawn Burtle were absent from the meeting.

The new district provides tax incentives for those that bring business or industry to properties inside the district.

The vote culminates months of work to determine what properties would be included and how the district would be implemented.

Mayor Barry told Regional Radio News passage of the TIF District was very important to the city.

Alderman Larry Budd told Regional Radio News that work on the new TIF district began a year and a half ago.

Christian County Economic Development Director Mary Renner was also present for Monday night's Taylorville City Council TIF District vote, and told Regional Radio News that with just a few years left on the present Enterprise Zone, the passage of the first TIF District in Taylorville was critical.

Renner added that without a TIF District, many potential projects would not go on.

The Taylorville Council Monday night also formally approved the appointment of Kellie Hamell as Water Office Manager, retroactive to April 17th.

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