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A Shelbyville couple is suing the state of Illinois over their right to keep firearms in their home as they operate their home daycare. Jennifer Miller says state law and DCFS rules conflict, leaving a gray area that infringes on their second amendment rights.


Miller says state law requires concealed carry weapons to be locked away but allowed on the property, but DCFS rules don’t allow firearms on day care properties at all with some exceptions that don’t include handguns.



Miller says right now, she is suppose to take her guns out of her home while she works during the day, and is suppose to pick them up after the day is over.



Miller says concealed carry holders have to go through training, background checks, and fees yet she is still not technically allowed to have her concealed weapon in her home during her work day.



Miller says they always have their guns and ammunition stored separately and properly under lock and key, but something needs to be done about the gray area between state law and DCFS rules.

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