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The Taylorville Kiwanis Club heard from the City of Taylorville Water Superintendent, during their weekly luncheon Tuesday at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium.

Dave Speagle has worked with the Taylorville Water Department since 1984, and has been the water superintendent for many years.  Speagle gave a history of water treatment in the community, starting with construction of the present water treatment plan in 1951, which was added onto in 1983.

Speagle told Kiwanis members that at best, the present water plant could produce about 3-million gallons of water a day.  He added that the new 24-million dollar water treatment plant now under construction, will be able to treat and produce some 4-million gallons of water a day to meet the city's growing water demand.  He's expecting the new plant to be started up early next year.

Speagle said when city officials found out the former Taylorville Country Club property was headed for foreclosure, they quickly worked to acquire the property for what is becoming the new water plant.

The new plant will provide additional treatment such as nitrate removal, and also ultraviolet radiation for disinfecting the water.

Speagle added that doubling Taylorville's water rates were necessary to pay for the new plant, which he said will handle the city's water production for decades to come.

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.

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