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Some residents are showing support for a possible dog park in the city of Pana, but there are still many questions to be answered before any ground is broken. The Pana Community Support Committee met Thursday afternoon to talk about the possibility of a dog park in the community.


Pana resident Frances Schmitz says she has visited multiple dog parks, and they are relatively easy to set up and they don’t cause a lot of trouble.



Pana resident Cindy Dewey says the park can be a way to contain dogs in an open space as long as the owner is there with the dog.



Some of the issues to setting up a dog park, however, include where to put it, funding, rules for the park and enforcement of those rules. Pana’s Community Support Committee Chairperson Jerry Jordan says when it comes to city funding for the park, there are other priorities that have to come first.



Schmitz told the committee that there are residents looking at donating money to set up the park. City leaders at the meeting said they could support a dog park if the kinks currently in place are worked out. Both sides agreed to set up another meeting once more groundwork is done on the issue.

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