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Moweaqua Community Ambulance Service is closing its doors on May 1st. The service is closing because it does not have enough volunteers.


In a previous interview with Regional Radio News, the service’s EMT Coordinator Brookie Spa says they’ve had to rely on paid EMTs to provide their service in recent years, and that has eaten at the service’s funds.



Moweaqua mayor Boomer Neece says this is not only a loss for the community, but also for the rural surrounding area.



Neece says the Moweaqua Fire Department has been preparing for if the service were to close, and they will assume EMT duties until an ambulance can come in and transport those in need.



Neece says the fire department also relies on volunteers. He says although we live in busy times, residents cannot forget to volunteer if they can so the community can continue to have vital services that need the help.

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