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State Representative Avery Bourne has some concerns with gun legislation brought up in Springfield in recent weeks in response to the Parkland school shooting in Florida. While she believes some common sense reforms could be enacted, most of those reforms are attached to what she calls “politically motivated” pieces of legislation.


Bourne appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show. She says one of those restrictions that was up for debate would have put more work on mom-and-pop businesses because box stores would be exempt.



Bourne says she voted down all of the six to seven pieces of legislation up for vote because of these politically motivated issues.


She says while owning a firearm is an unalienable right, that doesn’t mean common sense restrictions can’t be put on that right.



Bourne says the gun licensing bill she mentioned was passed by both chambers and is waiting on the Governor’s desk. All other gun-related bills still have to go through the Senate, and there are still some House bills that need to be taken up as well.

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