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Christian County’s jail is getting older, and the facility is overcrowding. While a new facility is not in the near picture, the county board approved forty thousand dollars to pay an architect and engineer to design an expansion that will alleviate overcrowding issues and fix some of the problems the jail is facing. The decision came at Tuesday night’s meeting.


Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp says the jail is facing multiple issues because of overcrowding and age.



The county jail holds federal prisoners as well to make extra income for the county. Kettelkamp says being able to hold more federal prisoners will allow the county to pay off the construction costs sooner.



The expansion would hold 20 new beds, 3 isolation cells, storage, and an updated kitchen. Kettelkamp says although a new facility is the ideal solution, he understands that Christian County residents don’t want any new taxes right now.



The board also approved liquor license renewals for many county establishments and replacing two county debit cards with two credit cards. The board will reconvene on Tuesday, March 27 at the Christian County Courthouse.

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