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Legionella Concerns Arise at Capitol

There's been lots of talk about Legionnaire's Disease at the Capitol with the ongoing saga at the Quincy Veteran's Home. Now that conversation shifts to the Capitol itself. The Secretary of State's office informed workers there that preliminary testing showed signs of possible Legionella bacteria in the facility’s hot water system. The bacteria can trigger the sometimes lethal Legionnaires’ disease. Dave Druker with the Secretary of State's office says the bacteria is a threat in mist and vapor form, which makes showers a concern. Druker notes only a select view have showers there and they don't see frequent use.

Druker offers more insight on the nature of the threat.

The disease claimed the lives of a dozen residents of the Quincy Veterans Home during a 2015 outbreak. The memo to state workers says transmission of the bacteria in typical day to day office operations is unlikely. 

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