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Shelbyville Schools Receiving More State Aid In New Funding Formula

The state has a new school funding formula in place with the intention to help provide more funding for underfunded school districts. Shelbyville Schools is one downstate district the state has determined is underfunded, and will be providing more funds to help the district get closer to being fully funded.
Denise Bence is the superintendent of the Shelbyville School District, and says the state is using various research to help determine whether or not a school is adequately funded.
According to Bense, the district is several million dollars away from being considered adequately funded. Due to this, the district will be seeing more state funding, however it's not much extra.
Bense did add that although the extra funding isn't much, it's still a welcome addition to the district's budget, which is currently on track to be balanced for this fiscal year.

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