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The Christian County Board approved a special use petition to their zoning ordinance at their Tuesday night meeting, for a solar farm, after the county's Zoning Board of Appeals met with landowners near the proposed location and addressed their concerns.

The County Board voted unanimously to allow Cisco Solar, L-L-C , a North Carolina firm, to lease various property now zoned Agriculture-One, for a proposed solar farm development in Greenwood Township. 

The Zoning Board of Appeals agreed to recommend the special use, so long as there is a 30-foot setback, and that area landowners be provided a list of any chemicals used at the location.

Board Chair Tim Carlson told Regional Radio News after the meeting, he was pleased with the vote.

The Christian County Board Tuesday night also approved resolutions to appropriate money from the Motor Fuel Tax fund to pay for road maintenance, retirement expense, and county engineer salary and expenses.  The 3 resolutions totaled some 961-thousand 500-dollars.  The board also approved their annual general fund tax levy totaling one-point-8 million dollars.





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