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Some Residents of Taylorville Receive Very High Water Bills, City Says "Perfect Storm" of Events are the Cause

Some Taylorville residents have seen huge spikes in their most recent water bills, and many of them are asking why. Taylorville Water Superintendent David Speagle says the perfect storm of events have caused many people to see abnormally high water bills.


Speagle says many water bills were underestimated during the city’s computer system crash over the summer. He explains the city’s estimation system, along with the other factors that played a role in the high water bills.



Many residents though are not happy with their water bills and have banded together to join a Facebook group called “Citizens of Taylorville Fed up with High Water Rates.” The group has over 600 members, and the group’s creator Billie Heberling says the city of Taylorville needs to do better to communicate with residents.



Speagle and Taylorville mayor Bruce Barry say that the city treasurer’s office will offer a payment plan for the recent water bills on a case-by-case basis. Speagle says the full process for dealing with water leaks, billing issues, or appealing your bill is lengthy, but the first step in any case is to call the city treasurer’s office.  

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